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Saturday, January 23, 2010


On 11.30 a.m (13 January 2010_Wednesday), that was the first time Miss Wanie entered our class. Our class is located in Library. Actually, on behalf of myself, I feels very happy because for this semester Miss Wanie teach me again. I know she is a very nice and gorgeous lecturer. Besides that, there are a lot of students like her because of her commitment in the class. As usual, she started our class with ‘Al-Fatihah’. After all of us recite Al-Fatihah, she introduce herself and about the subject that we will learn together. She will teach us the subject of Critical Literacy which its code is COM 2533. As I can say, Critical Literacy describes a particular approach in reading and writing. Thus, according to this approach, we as the readers can understand that any texts like academic articles, advertisements, newspaper reports or books should not be accepted at face value. I mean here that we should not be treated as having any special mystique or authority. So, automatically I know what the subject about even though I am not learning it yet. Other than that, the other activity that she conducts at that day is how we can know each other. This activity is not boring at all because usually we hear that we should introduce ourselves and at the same time, we have to explain a little bit about us. But, our beloved lecturer, Miss Wanie has conducted the very interesting activity on that day and it is very different activity from others. Actually, the activity that conducted by Miss Wanie on that day is the other person will explain about us. She asked us to pick up one of us and describe the 3 things that we cannot forget about him or her, and after that, we have to speak louder in the class. Other than that, Miss Wanie also gives us to choose 4 shapes which are triangle, square, circle, and wavy line. I have decided to select Nurul Nadiah Rosli. The activity is very interesting and I will not easily to forget it because we can know each other spontaneously. Later, Miss Wanie explained about the 4 shapes that she gave us to choose in describing the person that we selected. Triangle shape describes about people who are very ambitious, successful, work hard, will do anything that they want to achieve and selfish. Besides that, the square shape explains about people who are strict, follow the rule and do anything by hook or by crook. While the shape of circle portrays people who are very easy to be understated and last but not least, the wavy line depicts people who has no right stand and flexible. However, each of the shapes actually represents some races. The triangle shape represents Chinese, the square shape represents Indians while the circle shape represents Malays. But, the wavy line does not represent any races. So, from this lesson I can conclude that Miss Wanie has taught us to be a person that can think critically based on the 4 shapes given. Before Miss Wanie dismisses our class, she asked us to read Reading 1.1 and 1.2 based on the book of CRITICAL LITERACY: READINGS as our preparation for the next class.

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