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Friday, April 2, 2010


This week, Miss Wanie has divided us into 8 groups to present about the article that contain in the Critical Literacy Book. The article are consists of Reading 3.2, Reading 4.1, Reading 4.2, Reading 5.1, Reading 5.2, Reading 6.1, Reading 7.1 and Reading 8.1..here I have stated the list of presenters…

- Reading 3.2 (Nor Zaini and Syazwani)
- Reading 4.1 (Dzakwan, Zakuan and Firdaus)
- Reading 4.2 (Asri, Farah Nurhusna and Nur ‘Afifah)
- Reading 5.1 (Farah Mukhlisa, Nur Amirah and Hanani)
- Reading 5.2 (Aizat, Syafiq and Ashraf)
- Reading 6.1 (Atikah Hani, Nadiah and Eleena)
- Reading 7.1 (Zunika, Zulfaqar and Nazihah)
- Reading 8.1 (Nurliyana, Nur Ain Syuhada and Nur Rasinah)


The article in Reading 3.2 is entitled “Truth about Youth”. I have found that this article is quite interesting because of the language use and the article also uses standard form and it makes me easy to read it.

Besides that, the article also covers on the interesting thing which is young people have identified youth suicide, road deaths and the environment as the most concerning issues in their lives.


Based on the article entitled “Body Language That Speaks To Muggers”, I can conclude that it identifying people to be like by muggers. As I can say here, the most interesting in this article is about movement characterized easy victims are consists of:-

 Strides were either very long or very short
 Moved awkwardly
 Raising left legs with left arms
 Moved in conflict with themselves
 Seemed to make each move in the most difficult way possible


The article in Reading 4.2 entitled “Burning Out at Nine”. Generally, this article is about kids are overscheduled, overworked and running out of time for fun. As for me, this article is written because of the writer wants to advice the parents about children in United States who are facing overscheduled problem at their early age. So, from this article, I can conclude that the parents should ‘reschedule’ their children’s time table. In a nutshell, I found that this article is really interesting because of the use of cartoon picture in rushing.


Based on the article that entitled, “Australia’s Methadone Mess”, I can say that the article is about negative sides of Methadone. As fact, Methadone is one of the types of drug that can make a person addicted while he or she has tried it.

As for me, the article is about a student of Melbourne named David Marx has injected heroin at age 19 years old. However, there are also stated some of the negative sides of Methadone. For example, there is stated in the article, “This illegal trade can have deadly consequences…”.

So, from this article, I can conclude that it is very important to public to know about the knowledge of drugs. It is because, anybody can involve in drugs and it does not have any particular group can involve in drugs.


Refer to the article in Reading 5.2 which entitled, “Out of Puff”, I can say that this article is truly about the smoking habit among women. As stated in the article, “Women seem to be particularly susceptible to nicotine addiction – meaning it’s easier for them to become hooked”. That’s mean, nicotine is really dangerous when a person stated to addict with it. As fact, nicotine is one of the types of heavy drug that really can make people addict with it, and usually it contains in cigarettes.

However, this article also comes out with the effects of smoking habit and some of the reasons why women are tend to smoke. So, as I can conclude here, we should overcome with this matter and for those who are smoking, please think yourself and remember who really loves you…!


Actually, the article which entitled “Invasion of the Baby Snatchers” is one of the interesting readings. It is because it focuses more towards cases of kidnapping children that is keep increasing. As I have found, the article also covers on the missing children which has no clue where the parents could find them.

So, I can conclude that this article is quite interesting rather than other article that we have learn before this.

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