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Saturday, April 10, 2010


This week we have 2 group presentations which involved Reading 6.2 and Reading 6.3. The presenters that involved are, Nazihah, Zunika, and Zulfaqar (Reading 6.2) and Rasinah, Ain and Liyana (Reading 6.3)

First of all, I will explain what I understand in Reading 6.2. This reading entitled “Dieting: A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind”. Generally, the article is about dieting and it covers on a wide range of current issues relating to the phenomenon of weight control. That’s means the issue that related to physical and mental health.

What I have found interesting in the article is about the stance taken by the writer. Martin Seligman’s stance is highly critical of both commercial weight loss products and of the medical views which supports them. Besides that, he argues that weight loss products simply do not work and I am totally agreed with his stance. It is because, the weight loss products has a lot of chemical substances that can make our body in dangerous.

Now, I will proceed with the next article which is Reading 6.3 that entitled, “Drugs or Guns”. I think the article is more challenging compared to another article. It is because, the article is quite difficult to understand. Maybe, it caused by the language used in the article.

However, there is some interesting part that I have found in the article. Firstly, the writer positioned “guns” as deal. It is clearly stated in third sentences, “Last week Mbeki’s legal teams were locked in a battle with a nongovernmental arms-reduction organization that is calling for the cancellation of a $6 billion weapons-acquisition deal”. Secondly, the writer positioned “drugs” as the medicine. And for the last one, the writer also positioned “the furor” as protest opposition.

So, I think this week we have learned a lot of new things in Critical Literacy…see you again…

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