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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Actually I am feels very happy because this week (11 February 2010), we have watched one interesting movie entitled V FOR VENDETTA. Truly, I have never been watching this movie before. But, as I can say here, this movie is not boring at all and it is very nice movie. So, this first entry for this week will focusing on the 10 elements of critical thinking.

1. Topic ; (the movie is focus on the revenge of someone and the impact on following the rules )

2. Content; (the movie covers on 4 minor content such as ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘who’…)

• What; (Mr. V who had been a foe to the Britain's government and he also a was tortured at the past)

• When; (2006)

• Where; (Britain)

• Who; (Mr. V, Evey, Chancellor Sutler, Gordon Deitrich, Detective Eric Finch, Dr. Delia, Bishop Anthony, and others)

3. Source; (the movie produce by Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers, who also wrote the screenplay)

4. Audience; (the movie is produced for public)

5. Rhetorical function; (to inform and educate public)

6. Purpose; (to inform and educate public about the impact of following the rules, to educate the public on how to voice out their opinion and how to take action towards certain matters)

7. Perspectives; (to condemn the rolling system of Britain government and the leadership of a leaders when the innocent people being a victim. For example, Detective Deitrich was caught by the police because he keeps the Koran in his house. It shows that the misused of the main leader's rule)

8. Positioning; (the movie describes “V for Vendetta” as Mr. V wants to revenge to the Britain’s government)

9. Impact; (the audiences might feel mad to the antagonists because they has misused their authority without any limitation)

10. Visual Literacy; (the visual aspects of the movie are significant because it helps the audiences to understand the storyline of the movie.

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