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Sunday, February 14, 2010


For this week, we should have 2 entries. So, here I will explain some of the reflection of what we have learned this week.

After we watched the movie of “V for Vendetta”, on the next day Miss Wanie taught us how to study the movie regarding the 10 elements which are topic, contents, sources and etc. Luckily, Miss Wanie teaches us each elements step by step. As usual, she wants us to be a critical thinker on what we have learned every day.

Other than that, when I am watching the interesting movie, I feel quite sleepy because the storyline is so slow and it did not make me to feel like I want to sleep…..Maybe it is because the political issue that arose in the movie makes us sleepy. I do not know, but I am very sure that I can understand what the producer of the movie wants to tell the audiences.

Even though the movie is focusing more on political issue, we have to be alert about it because the issue that arose in the movie actually related with our country. We as a Malaysian, we should know and alert with the impact when we are following the government’s rules. So, we have to think critically to make a good decision to choose who are competent to be our government..!!!..See all of you at election 2011..!!..:-p

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