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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Besides that, based on Reading 3.1, Miss Wanie asked us to conduct a forum which involved by Rasinah (as a writer of the article), Ashraf (as Commissioner Graeme Innes), Farah Nurhusna (as Scarlett Finney), Nor Zaini (as Mrs. Finney), Anne (as Ms. Kate Eastman) and last but not least, Aizat (as Education Minister).

As we know, the 10 elements consist of Topic, Content, Source, Audience, Rhetorical Function, Purpose, Perspective, Positioning, Impact and Visual Literacy. Based on the article entitled “Please, let me go to your school”, the topic is focused on discrimination towards disabled student. For the second element is Content. What is article about? Actually, the article is about Scarlett Finney, six years old girl who wants go to The Hills Grammar School. The participants of the article comprises of Scarlett Finney, Mrs. Finney, Commissioner Graeme Innes and Ms. Kate Eastman.

The next element is Source. As for me, I am expecting to find a text like the article is parenting magazines, newspapers, and certain websites. Other than that, the article is written for parents, teachers, and public. Besides that, what is the writer of the article trying to do to the reader? As for me, the writer wants to inform, and explain to the readers.

For the next element is purpose. The purpose of the article is to inform and explain to the teachers, parents and public about discrimination happened towards disabled student. Then, perspective is one of the elements that’s mean the stance is taken by the writer. Actually, the stance is taken in the article is negative. It is because, the writer is condemning the decision to refuse the disabled girl enrolment. For evidence, as stated in the article, “But the school which receives $974,000 a year in Federal and State funds, and charges fees of up to $9,200 a year, denies the discrimination charge. It argues as allowed under the act, that it would face an ‘unjustifiable hardship’ in providing Scarlett special services and facilities”.

How does the writer construct the participants in the article and the readers? Actually, the writer’s choice to priorities Scarlett’s abilities suggests support for her against the school. Indeed the school is hardly allowed a voice in the article. In addition, the school authority has their own perspectives towards Scarlett Finney. They rejected of Scarlett’s enrolment application because of they have their infrastructure’s limitation. For evidence, as said by Ms. Kate Eastman, they will not accept a student if it cannot provide everything to allow that child to achieve her best.

Other than that, the impact on the audience is likely to be alert with what happens around them. For the last element is visual literacy. The relationship between headline and photo is really exact because the innocence girl’s picture that facing the reader is suitable with the headline which named “Please, let me go to your school”. Besides that, the cropping of the photograph can make the readers feels sympathy with pleading face by Scarlett.

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